Vijim LS21 Multi-arm Desk Mount Stand

29.000 KWD
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Great for Desk Video Photo Shotting Suitable for microphone, camera, fill lights, action camera, smartphone, and other devices within 2KG Hover from multiple angles Orientational knob design Come with a 1/4 universal screw, an additional bonus of 1/4 to 3/8 screw, and a 1/4 to 5/8 screw, and can be adapted to more interface devices Double-segment extension arm Multi-grid heat dissipation table hold Oversized C-clamp desk mount stand

  • Great¬†for¬†Desk¬†Video¬†Photo¬†Shotting
  • Suitable¬†for¬†microphone,¬†camera,¬†fill¬†lights,¬†action¬†camera,¬†smartphone, and other devices within¬†2KG
  • Hover¬†from¬†multiple¬†angles
  • Orientational¬†knob¬†design
  • Come¬†with a 1/4¬†universal¬†screw, an additional¬†bonus¬†of¬†1/4¬†to¬†3/8¬†screw, and a 1/4¬†to¬†5/8¬†screw, and can¬†be¬†adapted¬†to¬†more¬†interface¬†devices
  • Double-segment¬†extension¬†arm
  • Multi-grid¬†heat¬†dissipation¬†table¬†hold
  • Oversized¬†C-clamp¬†desk¬†mount¬†stand